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Custom Framing

Custom framing is often required for non-standard and large format prints, and a lot of times, they need to be mounted professionally. That is why Image Impact Inc. provides on-site installation for exhibits and displays. Your stunning images will become even more impressive with our custom wall display mounting in Rockville, MD. If you would like to preserve a photo, we have the right solution for you. Choose our shop for free pickup and delivery. 

A sampling of our framing and mounting services includes:

Custom Frames
Standoff Frames

Cable Frames
Masonite Box Frames

Face Mount Plexiglass
Floaters Image Laminating

Oversize Mounting
Presgraf Boards Mounting

Custom Framing Gallery

Custom Installation

We provide printing and framing services for large photos, including mounting exhibits and wall displays. To ensure your next showcase looks flawless, let our experts install your presentation.

Custom Installation Gallery

Floater Frames

Floater frames can add depth to walls and create the effect of a larger room. Galleries use floater frames to isolate art from background walls and enhance image drama.

Floater Frames Gallery

Masonite Box Frames

Masonite is a rigid material with many economic applications. It permits a range of dimensions for construction in various shapes, from simple rectangles to elaborate structures.

Masonite Box Frames Gallery

Plexiglas Displays

Plexiglas has optional thicknesses (1/16" to 1/2") and finishes from highly reflective to frosted-translucent. It is scratch resistant, UV resistant, and waterproof. Plexiglas face mounts will last for an estimated 80 years or more.

Plexiglass Facemount Gallery

Cable & Standoff Mounts

From suspended pictures to floating shelves, cable and standoff mounts provide a modern appearance that is adaptable to many environments. Plexiglas face mounts and metallic hardware complete the polished high-tech installation.

Cable & Standoff Gallery

Custom Exhibit Fabrication

Image Impact, Inc. operates a complete fabrication factory, equipped with various equipment and staffed by experienced professional cabinet makers and craftspeople.

Custom Fabrication Gallery

Large Formats & Wallpaper

Art students, professional photographers, and designers in the Washington, DC area rely on Image Impact Inc. for large format prints, image enhancement, and finishing work. We offer one-week turnaround times (or sooner when needed) for all of our services, which is why we are your resource for satisfying image development and custom framing needs.

Large Format Printing

Working artists and local businesses rely on Image Impact Inc. because we specialize in providing high-quality photo printing in large formats. When you need a product beyond a standard size, trust our technicians to meet your needs.

Image Enhancement

Bring an image for printing, and our staff members can enhance the quality with digital editing tools. Whether you need certain tones, highlights, or older images restored, our experts can improve your pictures with Adobe Photoshop™ and other industry-standard tools.

Our Partner - NOKKAM, Inc.

We share the premises in Rockville with NOKKAM Inc., which provides large format custom photo printing, image capture, and other graphic production. Also, NOKKAM, Inc.'s branding, design, packaging, and full print-broker services complete our variety of presentation and display-related options.

Large Formats & Wallpaper Gallery



To receive eye-catching images for exhibits or wall displays, consult Image Impact Inc Local corporations and government agencies choose our services because of the level of customization that we offer. When you need banners or an array of images created to leave an impression on your views, trust our technicians to deliver.

Exhibits & Displays Gallery

Mounting & Laminating

When you need custom framing for your large format prints or on-site installation services for an exhibit, Image Impact Inc. in Rockville, Maryland is here for you. Choose our shop for your exhibit and wall display needs to receive free pickup and delivery.

Mounting & Laminating Gallery